Reconciliation is an important process. Here you will find resources to help you begin or continue on your reconciliation journey. 

Reconciliation Series

The AGECS Reconciliation Seminars are a 12 monthly events that introduce Early Childhood Educators to the historical, social and contemporary issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.  It is important to recognise that when we enrol students, we enrol their whole family.  This series is about truth-telling. It provides the real backgrounds, the real histories and the real stories of Indigenous families in 2022. 

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AGECS Reconciliation Plan Launch


This event is for ECEs ready to inform themselves and lead others in taking their ECE organisation to the next level of Reconciliation and contributing to Closing the Gap.

You will be provided with a clear understanding of what a RAP really is, how to relate a RAP to your individual centre and practical ways to progress forward, including communicating with Reconciliation Australia.

The presentation will commence with AGECS’ RAP journey, what the AGECS RAP committee have done and how they did it, actions already completed by the AGECS and introduce new AGECS RAP Working Group Ambassadors.


Read more about our Reconciliation Action Plan here.

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Find our RAP: Reflect here.


Seminar 1: Collaborating in the Indigenous Space


Wanting to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan? Wanting to engage with an Elder? Wanting to work with an Aboriginal consultant to support Indigenous curriculum development? Wanting cultural awareness training for staff or students?  This seminar hosted by AJ Williams-Tchen (AGECS Cultural Consultant, Maternal Health Nurse + AASW Aboriginal Social Worker of Year) discusses strategies and considerations required to effectively engage with community, Aboriginal Elders, and Indigenous consultants to work on early childhood projects and programs.


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Seminar 2: Introducing SNAICC


Moderated by AJ Williams-Tchen, this seminar had guests Adele Cox & Maxine Walker from SNAICC (Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care), the national peak body in Australian representing the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.  The two guests discussed the National Intermediary Pilot Project and provided and overview of Victorian policy updates, before closing with a Q&A.


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Seminar 3: Close the Gap Day


National Close the Gap day was observed on March 17 2022.  

AJ Williams-Tchen (AGECS Cultural Consultant) provides a self-paced seminar covering the history of Close the Gap Day, an overview of the current Closing the Gap policy and objectives, current stats and facts on Indigenous health & well-being, before providing a range of activities & supports to assist early childhood services in celebrating Close the Gap Day.  AJ also highlighted what he does in his own business to support both reconciliation, with the view of helping to close the gap. 


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Seminar 4: DET and VAEAI

This seminar’s guests included the Department of Education representative Janette Kennedy (Manager of Participation, Transitions and Inclusion in the Koorie Outcomes Division) and Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated  representatives Kim Powell and Angie-Lee Bamblett, who presented an informative look at the Koorie early education system and future goals for the next 5 years.  Moderated by AJ Williams-Tchen. 


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Seminar 5: Understanding VACCA


This seminar’s guest speaker was Cath Healy from the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency.  Cath discussed the history of VACCA, highlighting the systematic and practical issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families that we enrol within our early childhood services.  Moderated by AJ Williams-Tchen.  




Seminar 6: Reconciliation Victoria

Nicole Findlay, the CEO of Reconciliation Victoria, presents this seminar. RecVic’s state role is to facilitate and support the advancement of reconciliation, in whichever way we can. This can be through the lens of RAPs, working with RAP organisations, doing Advocacy, working alongside First Peoples, Local Govs, Schools, Community Services, and Local Rec Groups to elevate voices and programs. Moderated by AJ Williams-Tchen. 

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Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Strategy

Seminar 7: Engaging your Inclusion Heroes - Koorie Workforce

Zoe Upton (KESO) will discuss the roles of KESOs and how they can help your service.

KESOs facilitate engagement in communities between school, children, families, key stakeholders and organisations.  KESOs support Koorie children and their families with assistance to make the journey through early childhood, primary and secondary school, while helping schools and Early Childhood Centres build capacity to better engage students and their families, working collaboratively to build cultural engagement and awareness into daily plans and activities. Moderated by AJ Williams-Tchen. 

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