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As an AGECS member you have access to our growing resource of online materials which are available through our website. Please check out the Professional Learning section of the site for Podcasts and Opinions. We are adding to these resources and we hope that you will...

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Possum Skin Pedagogy

Philisophy into Practice

Think Equal – Empowering Change through Education

Founded by Leslee Udwin – a multi-award winning film maker and Human Rights campaigner. Her acclaimed award winning documentary India’s Daughter sparked a global movement to end violence against women and girls, and was the impetus for Think Equal. Think Equal is a...

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Loose Parts

The following resources may assist you in including Loose Parts in your Early Childhood program Joy of Stuff: Exploring the value of open ended ‘loose parts’ in play  by Niki Buchan Nature Play and Loose Parts Position Paper by Leanne Prior Carolyn Lunt Garden Design...

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics The following resources may assist you in embedding STEM in your EC service:   Check out EVENTS for AGECS Workshops on STEM run by Dr Coral Campbell How Is Your Service Embracing The ‘Big Change’ In STEM? Read this...

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Cultural Diversity

Videos Cultural Diversity: Examples to inspire early and middle childhood services Click here to visit the Victorian Inclusion Agency Vimeo page

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Embedding Cultural Diversity for Under-threes

Two video and resource materials have been developed by Alannah Dore to empower early childhood teachers and educators to embed Cultural Diversity into their programs for children aged birth to 2 years, and their families. This project was made possible through an...

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Environmental/Sustainability Programs & Resources Concern about services with exemptions for real outdoor space Fake nature: The detrimental effects of simulated outdoor environments Sara El Sayed. Bedrock2(22), pp. 18-19. Childcare centres locate ‘outdoor’ play...

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Gender Identity and Gender Diversity

Teaching gender identities in early childhood education and care  by Rebeca Simson-Da Santo (2016). This is a excellent article that critiques gender identity within the revised VEYLDF and provides links to a range of useful papers and research around gender identity...

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Childhood Self-control

THE DUNEDIN STUDY Tests of self control when children are very young can predict what kind of adult those children are likely to become. The Dunedin Study – a world recognised, long running longitudinal study – has found that self control can effect whether you grow...

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Aboriginal Perspectives

The following resources provide information for supporting Aboriginal Perspectives in Early Childhood.   VAEAI 2021  Koori Education Calendar The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (VAEAI) was first established in 1976 as the Victorian Aboriginal...

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