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AGECS Reconciliation Series

The AGECS Reconciliation Seminar Series is comprised of 12 monthly events that introduce Early Childhood Educators to the historical, social and contemporary issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.  It is important to recognise that when we enrol students, we enrol their whole family.  This series is about truth-telling. It provides the real backgrounds, the real histories and the real stories of Indigenous families in 2022. 

Together these Seminars are forming a toolkit of resources to support ECEC settings enrolling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. The toolkit can be found here.


Upcoming Seminars

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July 18th

Seminar 7: ‘The role of the Koorie Education Support Officer – KESO’

6:30 to 7:30 

Zoe Upton (KESO) will discuss the roles of KESOs and how they can help your service

KESOs facilitate engagement in communities between school, children, families, key stakeholders and organisations.  KESOs support Koorie children and their families with assistance to make the journey through early childhood, primary and secondary school, while helping schools and Early Childhood Centres build capacity to better engage students and their families, working collaboratively to build cultural engagement and awareness into daily plans and activities.


August 29th

Seminar 8: ‘Koorie Maternity Services’ 

6:30 to 7:30            

VACCHO and  KMS Workers.  

This seminar will explain the state based Koori Maternity Services, which offer flexible, person-centred care, strengthened by Aboriginal culture and practices that are built upon respectful trusting relationships between women their families and Koori Maternity Service staff within hospitals and Aboriginal Health Services.

September 19th

Seminar 9: ‘Grandmothers Against Removal’ – GMAR 

6:30 to 7:30 

GMAR representatives will explain the current state of Aboriginal kids in out of home care, the role of grandparents raising grand-children, what GMAR does & provide personal stories of survival in the child protection system of young people today.