The Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies (AGECS) is a membership-based, not-for-profit charity providing professional learning resources and opportunities for its members and other professionals working in the early childhood education and care sector. AGECS members work, or have worked, in the field of early childhood education and care or have significantly contributed to the field in other ways. The Association has a history of over 100 years of philanthropic work, which continues through its establishment of the Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies.

Our Aim


To provide specialised development opportunities that meet the needs of early childhood professionals and extend their knowledge, practices and expertise.

To provide networking opportunities to facilitate dialogue and fellowship.

To provide a well governed, well managed and sustainable key association to early childhood professionals.

Community Development

To advocate for early childhood educators by providing leadership, excellence and respect for our profession.

To work in partnership with other stakeholders; to promote professional standards to ensure excellence and innovation in the development of early childhood education and care.

To provide a respectful place in the carly childhood community for provocative and critically challenging dialogue.

Processes for Collaboration

How we intend to work together internally as a team, work with the people who use our services and other services.

To establish alliances with other organisations to leverage our vision.

To foster fellowship amongst graduates of early childhood and between different generations of graduates.

The AGECS Council will build a working relationship that promotes informed and up to date knowledge and opinion on early childhood development.

Our Principles

AGECS supports the early childhood profession through a number of professional learning opportunities to further understanding and knowledge of child development and learning so that all children have access to high standards of care and education in early childhood settings.

AGECS leads the provision of innovative and challenging learning to early childhood professionals to develop quality early childhood settings. These settings enhance learning and developmental achievements for all children with the most significant impact being on the outcome of children experiencing vulnerability.

Our Objectives

  • To maintain effective administration and delivery of services
  • To ensure funds through strong financial management
  • To provide well managed succession strategies for council members
  • To provide well managed resources to perform administration tasks
  • To provide information in different formats to promote excellence in Early Childhood
  • To promote outcomes that recognise connections and dynamics in the Early Childhood profession
  • To provide well managed resources to perform and implement strategies
  • Council to be open and transparent to membership and stakeholders
  • To establish contact with government departments and other stakeholders
  • Accessibility to all Early Childhood Educators to resources and information