Full Membership Benefits:

  • Access to grants  
  • Online professional learning events
  • Member only resources
  • Access and contribution to AGECS Journal (AUDAX)
  • Stay informed
  • AGM member voting
  • Joining Committees and Council (recognised as board experience)

The once-off AGECS membership fee is tax deductible for those working in the field of early childhood education and care.



AGECS supports the early childhood profession through grants, particularly the Fellowship Program for Leadership and Change. These are intended to further understanding and knowledge of child development and learning so that all children have access to high standards of care and education in early childhood settings, whilst supporting early childhood professionals to develop their own leadership skills. 


As an AGECS member you have access to our growing resource of online professional learning materials. We are regularly adding to this resource and hope that you find information to support work as an early childhood professional, through live events, webinars and other resources. 

Leadership Opportunities

AGECS members are eligible for multiple leadership opportunities with support from the organisation, this includes joining committees and/or Council, or creating and presenting professional learning materials for other early childhood professionals, through AGECS webinars or AUDAX articles.




Who can become a member of AGECS?

You will be part of an organisation that has a long history of advocacy, networking and a commitment to professional growth that continues into the 21st century.

Full Membership is open to:

1.    Any person who has completed an Early Childhood Course at any institution in Australia or elsewhere which is accredited for employment in early childhood services in Victoria; and

i)     is a teacher and/or researcher in Early Childhood Undergraduate and Graduate Programs and has made a contribution to Early Childhood Education;

ii)    is or has worked in Early Childhood Education; or

2.    Any person who has been recommended by the Council as a person who has rendered notable services to the community in Early Childhood Education and has been elected by the members to be an Honorary Member.

Members may be working in, or have worked in:

  • Kindergartens, Long Day Care and Family Day Care services
  • State, private and independent schools
  • Universities and TAFE Colleges
  • Support to colleagues in the profession
  • Other early childhood related services