Founded by Leslee Udwin – a multi-award winning film maker and Human Rights campaigner. Her acclaimed award winning documentary India’s Daughter sparked a global movement to end violence against women and girls, and was the impetus for Think Equal.

Think Equal is a free comprehensive social-emotional learning program being introduced and piloted in early childhood services in many countries across the world including here in Victoria. The program has been successfully evaluated by Yale University Center of Emotional Intelligence. Think Equal aims to break the cycles of violence, negative stereotypes and prejudicial judgements through encouraging the development of values, empathy, and respect for the dignity and equality of others starting with children aged 3 to 6 years. A suite of resources promotes self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making and includes a focus on:

Equality – Empathy – Peaceful Conflict Resolution – Critical Thinking – Problem Solving – Gender Sensitisation and Gender Equality – Emotional Literacy – Self-Regulation – Environmental Protection – Self Confidence – Collaboration – Inclusion – Celebration of Difference



Think Equal website

Leslee Udwin’s address to the United Nations General Assembly

Leslee Udwin receiving the 2019 United Natrions Women for Peace Award