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Concern about services with exemptions for real outdoor space

Fake nature: The detrimental effects of simulated outdoor environments

Sara El Sayed. Bedrock2(22), pp. 18-19.

Childcare centres locate ‘outdoor’ play centres inside due to space constraints

Susie O’Brien. Herald Sun, 6 August 2017

 9News 7 August 2017

Programs and Resources

The Little Green Spade
The Little Green Spade has been developed by early childhood educators, for educators. It will inspire you with a collection of creative source materials and experiences for engaging young children in gardening and growing and eating fresh produce.
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Play Australia
Outdoor play is considered to be a vital part of childhood experience. The outdoor environment and the programs that are planned in them, provide unique opportunities to develop and extend children’s skills and concepts as well as fostering, a sense of excitement about learning.The outdoor program is not an optional add on to a ‘main’ indoor program, but an essential key component of every service for young children and is a requirement as detailed in the National Quality Standards.

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