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We are adding to these resources and we hope that you will find information that informs your work as an Early Childhood Professional today.

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Putting Education in “Educational” Apps. Lessons From the Science of Learning


AGECS Fellowship Programme for Leadership and Change – Papers by Awardees (presented 2016)

Josette Nunn: The “Art”of Dreaming and the “Praxis”of Imagining through the interface of Positive Pyschology, human systems and early childhood environments
Kerryn Kneebone: Nature Program Study Tour
Sharryn Clarke: Reciprocity and Authenticity in Connecting Children and Animals

Conference and Seminar Papers


AGECS Leadership for Change Seminar – July 2017

The Importance of Childhood Self-control for a Prosocial, Successful Life. Presented by Dr Sandhya Ramrakha, Otago University, Dunedin, NZ.

Additional Resources

Video – Episode 1   The Early Years. Beginnings Count – A Lot.
This episode sets up the Dunedin Longitudinal study – it explains what a longitudinal study is, and why this one is so special. This programme then asks what lasting effects does our childhood have on us? Answer; plenty, but they may not be what you expect.
Password to access this video:  agecsvideo


From the Supporting Engagement and Learning Conference sponsored by the Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies: 6 August 2011

Claire Boling: Supporting and Engaging Young Children with Communication Difficulties
Di Chandler: High expectations for every child
Hilary Henshaw: Interactive Musical Fun To Build Communication And Relationships During The Early Years
Kay Margetts: Understanding Transition to School
Louise Porter: Managing Difficult Behaviour
Pat Jewell: Family-Centred-Practice
Rebecca Pell: Making Sense of Sensory Processing
Ros Patterson: Outdoor Play
Sally Rigley: Asperger Syndrome and the Autism Spectrum in the Classroom