The child demonstrates unpredictable, violent, destructive behaviour.  The child bites and/ or scratches staff and intimidates peers.

Many professionals working with young children will be able to relate to the above scenario.Even when Early Childhood professionals have everything in place there can still be children who really struggle with social skills and ability to cooperate with adults and other children
When all strategies have been exhausted, What can we do?

This can be a taboo topic, and often these children who have difficulty self-regulating are not welcome by staff, other parents and children.

Learn more about working with children whose behaviour puts themselves or others at risk. 4 October 2016

Wendy Bunston and Dr Nicole Milburn will lead a lively and frank discussion about what happens for children who become physical toward adults and children
and what can be the best way to respond.

Wendy is a Mental Health Clinician and trainer with wb training & consultancy

Nicole is Senior Manager for Infant Mental Health and Developmental Consultancies, Take Two, Berry Street.

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