In response to a letter to the editor in Audax 81 from Beryl Edmonds:

“Dear Beryl,

I remember you so well. You were supportive of my work at Woodridge preschool in Eltham between 1975 and 1980 before I was thrown out as I had been on a study tour of China. I travelled with B.Ed students from IECD. It was a bit too much for some conservative parents who thought I was a marxist! Was it the sight of boys sitting and concentrating on their Chinese paper-cutting? I thought their work to be remarkable.

How things have changed from the 70’s when Victoria was considered to be a world leader in early childhood… the days when advisors advised, when teachers taught (facilitated) and when children played…

now the pressures on teachers include added workload with portfolios, the frameworks and transition statements with less time. John Brumby had a surplus of over $800 million, preschool teachers got an increase in wages… then had our hours cut.. Can someone explain what that is about?”

Carolyn Lunt