Warrawong Grants 2010

Warrawong Fund Grants Awarded 2010

There were 27 applications for Warrawong Grants (up to $5,000) in April for Professional Learning activities and the Advisory Committee recommended that 11 Grants be given. With Trustees agreement, $36,027 was distributed across these 11 Grants.

Kids on Campus – staff of the long day care centre of Wodonga TAFE will receive three (June, August and November) 4 hour sessions of  professional development provided by a representative from Lady Gowrie coming to Wodonga.

Balnarring Preschool – the grant will pay the registration fees for three staff and three assistants to attend the Early Childhood Australia conference in Adelaide. Staff and committee will raise airfares and accommodation costs.

Greensborough Preschool – will pay for a staff member to attend an FKA  workshoprun by a psychologist about trauma and attachment issues, to help the staff member deal with a particular child.

Sunbury Early Intervention Program –two staff members to attend a two-day preliminary workshop and an intensive eight-day program for working with parents on “Promoting Healthy Attachment” to help the families in their service.

West Gippsland Early Intervention – the program’s Hanen trained speech pathologist has recently gone overseas, the grant will enable the newly appointed therapist to receive Hanen training. Staff recruitment and retention is a challenge to this rural service.

Ballarat and District Kindergarten Teachers Association –the grant will fund two music workshops for Kindergarten Teachers in this area at their local annual conference. The needs of teachers who work in rural isolation and suffer from the expense of accessing city based professional development will be met in this conference.

Bluearth Foundation – training for staff at St.Pauls Primary School, Sunshine West by a Bluearth coach.

Springvale Service for Children Inc. –“Family Partnership Training” provided by Centre for Community Child Health (RCH) will be attended by 12 staff members and will be held on site in Springvale – time and cost to travel elsewhere would have been an issue.

Mt.Martha Preschool – the teacher will attend the ECA Conference in Adelaide (grant will be given for Registration only).

Ivanhoe Children’s Community Cooperative –the centre was destroyed by fire and the grant will enable a full day of professional development for the 11 staff in the centre in relation to transition issues – Lady Gowrie will provide the expert to run the workshop.

Goulburn Region Preschool Association – a full day workshop by an Early Childhood Educator, to be held locally, to help in implementing the Early Years Learning Framework.