AGECS Fellowship Programme for Leadership and Change

AGECS supports the early childhood profession through a number of professional learning opportunities, to further their understanding and knowledge of child development and learning so that all children have access to high standards of care and education in early childhood settings.

Fellowship Guidelines

The aim of the AGECS Fellowship Programme for Leadership and Change is to provide financial support of grants of up to $10,000 for individual early childhood professionals (who are current members of AGECS) to undertake a project for a period of 6 – 12 months that will impact on the quality of services for children aged birth to 5 years.

Fellowship recipients are expected to demonstrate improved access to and achievement of equity and excellence in early childhood. Applicants will need to communicate their interest in making a difference in Early Childhood Education leading to change. It is expected that such professional learning from the project will position the recipient as a leader who is able to share their learning. It is hoped that the Fellowship will lead to improved outcomes for all children, which could include those children and families experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability. It is expected that the findings from the project will be presented at an annual AGECS research symposium.

Further information


Any current member of the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies (AGECS) can apply. If you are not already a member, apply now here.


The AGECS Fellowship Advisory Committee will consider applications that demonstrate the potential to enact leadership and change in the early childhood field. This could be in relation to:

  • Building quality programs within the early childhood field;
  • Strengthening already existing programmes or practices;
  • Positive outcomes for children;
  • Increasing professional knowledge;
  • Leading new directions in programmes or practices; and
  • Expanding perspectives through investigating best practice nationally or internationally.

Application Form

Download and save the Fellowship Application form_2021 as: fellowship_<your family name>.doc

Submission Dates

Submission Dates
  • The final submission date for the first round of applications is 28 February each year
  • The final submission date for the second round of applications is 31 July each year

Applications must be submitted electronically by the due date to:

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