AUDAX 96 Autumn 2018

The latest copy of AUDAX is available at the following link: While you are in the Resources section have a look at the range of resource available at New resources  include the videos and information sheets for Embedding Cultural Diversity for Under-threes – developed by Alannah Dore through an AGECS Fellowship for Leadership and Change grant.  

Not just wiping noses! How hard is it to be a childcare worker?

Senator David Leyonhjelm has angered the sector by questioning whether the job really needs qualifications, arguing the requirement is over-the-top and has only driven up costs. The senator said: “A lot of women — mostly women — used to look after kids in childcare centres. And then they brought in this national quality framework and they had to go and … Read More

Five ways kids can benefit from being outside this summer break

This paper by Shelby Gull Laird and Laura McFarland, published online in The Conversation, identifies benefits of outdoor play including reducing the risk of children becoming shortsighted, improving memory, boosting concentration and supporting general well-being. A great paper to share with colleagues and parents.  

Early childhood education is key to closing the gaps

Read more about the importance of participation of Indigenous  children in Early Childhood  settings as a key to assist with Closing the Gap.  

Technology for Young Children: What is good educational design?

  Putting Education in “Educational” Apps. Lessons From the Science of Learning Here is a really interesting paper about digital technologies for young children

EARLY CHILDHOOD QUALIFICATIONS UNDER THREAT- Early Childhood Education Associate Professor Kay Margetts says the quality of educ

Early Childhood Education Associate Professor Kay Margetts says the quality of education for children in care and pre-school is under threat by changes to the qualification requirements of staff. She notes, recent transitional changes to the minimum qualifications for early childhood educators are of concern, asking “Will early childhood teaching degrees become obsolete as potential students select a Diploma course … Read More

UN stands up for children’s right to play

Press release from the IPA website 1 February 2013 UN STANDS UP FOR CHILDREN’S RIGHT TO PLAY, ARTS AND LEISURE IN A LANDMARK MOMENT FOR CHILDREN United Nations adopts in-depth interpretation of ‘forgotten’ children’s rights GENEVA – (1 February 2013) Today the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child announced the adoption of an official document, or “General … Read More

Thoughts on the Push Down Curriculum

One of the primary aims of AGECS within it’s constitution has always been to perpetuate and maintain the professional ideals, traditions and standards established by the Melbourne Kindergarten Teachers’ College. This includes the support for early childhood professionals in a play-based learning philosophy for children. I came across this article from a blog, written in 2009, but felt it’s still … Read More

Note from Carolyn Lunt

In response to a letter to the editor in Audax 81 from Beryl Edmonds: “Dear Beryl, I remember you so well. You were supportive of my work at Woodridge preschool in Eltham between 1975 and 1980 before I was thrown out as I had been on a study tour of China. I travelled with B.Ed students from IECD. It was … Read More