The Possum Skin Pedagogy by Sue Lopez Atkinson has been launched this year

Such was the enthusiasm of the early childhood profession facebook was in a frenzy in the first few days with over 45,000 reached. Sponsored proudly by AGECS the Possum Skin Pedagogy is a much needed Guide for Early Childhood Practitioners is authored by Sue Atkinson Lopez. The guide addresses some of the complexities around embedding Aboriginal perspectives through seven narratives that can be explored with children referencing the possum skin as a marker of the maintenance and revival of Victorian Aboriginal culture and identity. Most significantly this guide was constructed in consultation with Victorian Aboriginal Elders and other leaders of the Victorian Aboriginal community through the lens of a ‘Possum Skin Pedagogy’.

An additional resource Reflecting on the Possum Skin Pedagogy provides case studies of how early childhood practitioners have embedded Aboriginal perspectives into their programs.

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Melbourne Graduate School of Education – KTC and IECD Alumni Event

Friday 3 May 2019, 10am to 12noon


The Dean of Education, Dr Jim Watterston, welcomed alumni and shared his background as an early childhood teacher in Western Australia

Professor Bridie Raban presented a letter from Mary Merlin who is aged 92 and living in Swan Hill. The letter recalled some of Mary’s memories of being a KTC student at Mooroolbeek, Kew and her early teaching career. This was illustrated with photographs of Mooroolbeek. You can read Mary’s memoirs in the AUDAX 98 Autumn 2019.

A current Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) student, Catherine Hronakis, provided an inspiring testimony of her journey into Early Childhood and her hopes for the future. She is keen to work as a kindergarten teacher after competing her studies at the end of 2019. Click here to read Catherine’s presentation.

Associate Professor Trish Eadie shared the establishment of a 5-year endowment (REECH) for research into early childhood with a focus on children’s language development. Information will be available very soon.

Each of the alumni ‘from the Kew days’ shared a little bit about themselves. Claire Kelly was the oldest alumnus attending, followed by Kay Hirst who is still working in early childhood